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Nearly Complete Functionality

At this point in time we have tested the functionality of everything except the android calendar integration. You can schedule tasks, save settings, store scheduled days, and get notifications even if you phone is asleep. Theses comprise the entire core functionality of the program. There are a few things that we still have to do however. The notification screen still needs to trigger on each event and it has to display the information about the task that should be worked on. As well as implement a method of postponing or finishing tasks mid-day or mid-block allowing the user to progress to the next task for them to work on. We hope to be releasing a beta application very soon to test out the core functionality.

– Asher

Schedules of Days

Recently I have added a basic interface for the “today’s tasks” tab. Currently it only displays a list of tasks with a modified on click feature, but it will soon support the ability to postpone tasks and a rudimentary scheduling application based on the round Robbin scheduling pattern. After this is implemented the only feature preventing Zadatak from being a fully functional beta is that when the application is force quit then no future notifications are triggered, I will be looking more into timers to see if there is a way to have a Zadatak activity run every 10, 30, or 60 minutes and notify the user if there is a change in activities.

– Asher

Wakening of Alarms

We have begun work on the alarm portion of Zadatak, this is the system in which the phone reminds you of the tasks that you have to accomplish at the moment that you should begin them. We still need to do a little more research into how to do them completely correctly, however for now the PendingIntent class seems to work under all scenarios except for a force close. A new activity needs to also be made that will be called as the alarm’s interface to allow the user to turn off the alarm and either start the task or postpone it until another day. We also have a version of our logo that is not a sketch on a post-it note!

Zadatak Logo

– Asher

Bases of Data

Zadatak now has the ability to save! Behind the scenes Zadatak uses the Android built in SQLite database to store all of the tasks you have to do. Soon there will be a way to delete and edit them in the database, but for now all you can do is add them and view them. Though there is still quite a bit of basic android functionality to research we are progressing further and further each week to bring you the best user scheduler possible. In addition to the ability to modify and delete tasks I would also like to see the ability to have the phone remind you via the same style of interface that the alarm clock application uses as well as implement an interface for viewing the the different tasks that are assigned to you on a day by day basis.

– Asher